Otentik Authenticator.

Otentik is a secure, Open Source, and Google Authenticator compatible application to manage your 2-step verification (2FA) tokens for your online services.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this application finished yet?

The main functions (OTP code generator and synchronization) are completed. We want this app to be available in multi-platform and on mobile devices.

Where I can download this app?

You can download the binary at the GitHub project release page. Currently only supports macOS with Intel chipset. Other platforms are already on the roadmap.

Is my data safe?

The sensitive data such as 2FA secret and backup code are encrypted with AES256 encryption and use your key for the salt before storing to the database. So, you are the only one who can decrypt your data.

Where is my data located?

We are using Supabase for the database services. Supabase uses AWS infrastructure with multiple regions.

Is this free?

Yeah, for real! Even better Otentik Authenticator is Open Source.